Jerome Eyquem is a dilettante graphic novel artist born and raised somewhere in the South of France.

He has published the self-penned short stories Apocalypse and The Sun Will Die Blind in Heavy Metal Magazine, as well as several other collaborative short stories in various anthologies. Markosia published his full length graphic novel Knowledge created with his usual partner in crime, Mark Bertolini.

He has also dabbled at book covers on Ancient Canada and The Enchanted Harp, both written by Clinton Festa and published by Synergebooks..

He is currently drawing somewhere in the United States.

New Title



In 2014, it’s not enough for a soldier to be faster and stronger – they have to be smarter. Spencer Cradle was created to be the world’s smartest soldier, but was considered a failure. But when the next generation model goes rogue, it’s up to Cradle to hunt him down.