Midnight Sun (Published by Goose Lane Editions, September 2005.)

Midnight Sun

[There are] surreal events in this delightful novel, where past and present, fantasy and fiction, myth and reality all mix.
— W.P. Kinsella, Books in Canada

Th novel’s style is distinctive, utilizing traditional Inuit myth and spirituality alongside a straghtforward narrative about residents of the [Arctic] village. The villagers are beautifully rendered … the strength of their portrayal – moving, disturbing, heartfelt – makes Midnight Sun a worthy read.
— Quill & Quire

A spellbinding novel of mystical folklore and Inuit life.
— The Independent (US)

A poetic and suspenseful first novel…The pleasures of the novel include delicious descriptions of nature and Mr. Osgood’s masterful ability to shift from mythic to Inuit to [modern] “time” and language.… Midnight Sun is a marvelous, nuanced debut, offering an adventure story, an exploration of an ancient culture adjusting to modern times, and a first-rate portrait of a distant and mysterious land – all in one beautifully written novel.
— The East Hampton Star (US)

The broad scope and sheer intensity of Osgood’s story made me wonder more than once, Where is he going with this? I soon found out and became utterly engrossed in this unusual Arctic tale. Midnight Sun encompasses a survival chronicle and a character study, a truthful look at modern Inuit culture, and a spiritual coming-of-age. A love of the Arcrtic land and people is constantly apparent.… Imagination, mythology, and a keen instinct for human nature coalesce in Midnight Sun.
— Chronogram (US)

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