SOLD to Backbeat Books, Dale Sherman's Armageddon Films FAQ

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Dale Sherman's KISS FAQ

SOLD to ECW Press, David Whellams’s
Walking into the Ocean

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Rich Weidman’s
The Doors FAQ

SOLD to Icon Books, David Orrell’s
Introducing Economics

SOLD to Vehicule Press, Kathy Dobson’s
Poor People’s Prayers

SOLD to Doubleday Canada, two forthcoming titles by Dr. Joe Schwarcz

SOLD to Pambazuka Press, foreign rights
to Joan Baxter’s Dust from Our Eyes

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Mark Eglinton’s Metallica FAQ

SOLD to Dundurn Press, Lee Lamothe’s
Picasso Blues

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Jackson Quigley’s Jimmy Buffett FAQ

SOLD to Anvil Press, Ed Macdonald's
Spat the Dummy

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Kwame Dawes's
Bob Marley FAQ

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Rich Weidman's Doors FAQ

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Martin Popoff’s
Black Sabbath FAQ

SOLD to Insomniac Press, Anthony Bidulka’s Date with a Sheesha

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Paul Grushkin’s Grateful Dead FAQ

SOLD to Fitzhenry and Whiteside, John Goldner’s Hockey Talk

SOLD to Doubleday Canada, Dr. Joe Schwarcz’s Brain Spark

SOLD to Backbeat Books, Jon Stebbins’ Beach Boys FAQ

SOLD, to Icon Books (UK), and John Wiley and Sons (North America), David Orrell`s Economyths: Ten Ways Economics Gets It Wrong

SOLD, to Backbeat Books, George Case's Led Zeppelin FAQ

SOLD, to Dundurn Publishing, Lee Lamothe's Free Form Jazz

SOLD, to Doubleday Canada, Dr. Joe Schwarcz's Science, Sense, and Nonsense

SOLD, to McClelland and Stewart, Albert Nerenberg and Rob Spence’s Let’s All Hate Toronto

SOLD to Backbeat Books, George Case’s Everybody Must Get Stoned

SOLD to Doubleday Canada, Dr. Joe Schwarcz’s Brain Fuel and a second science book, as yet untitled

SOLD to Vehicule Press, Terence Byrnes’s Closer To Home: Portraits of Montreal Writers

SOLD to Wolsak and Wynn, Joan Baxter’s Dust from Our Eyes: Searching for a True Picture of Africa

SOLD to Key Porter Books, Paul Palango’s Dispersing the Fog: The RCMP, the CIA, Governments, and the Continuing Crisis in Canada

SOLD to Key Porter Books, David Orrell’s The Other Side of the Coin: The Emerging Vision of Economics and Our Place in the World

SOLD to Turnstone Press, A.S. Penne’s short story collection, Reckoning

SOLD to John Wiley & Sons, Duncan MacPherson and David Miller’s Breakthrough Business Development: A 90-Day Plan to Build Your Client Base and Take Your Business to the Next Level

SOLD to Turnstone Press, Lee Lamothe’s novel, The Finger’s Twist

SOLD to Hal Leonard Corporation, Marley Brant's Celebration of Music: The Rock Concert

SOLD to Hal Leonard Corporation, Jeff Kaliss's Sly Stone: A Biography

SOLD to Penguin, Michele Sponagle's Tales from Dog River: The Complete Corner Gas Guide

SOLD to Harper Collins, Joe Schwarcz's
An Apple a Day

SOLD to Goose Lane Editions, Laura Byrne Paquet's Wanderlust: A Social History of Travel (Canadian rights)

SOLD to Hal Leonard Corporation, George Case's Presence: A Biography of Jimmy Page

SOLD to Fazi Editore (Rome), Jay S. Jacobs's new biography of Tori Amos (European rights).

SOLD, to ECW Press, Dr. Joe Schwarcz's Let Them Eat Flax: 75 Fascinating Commentaries on the Chemistry of Everyday Life

SOLD, to Goose Lane Editions, Lawrence’s Osgood’s Midnight Sun

SOLD, to Hal Leonard Corporation, Jay S. Jacobs’ Pretty Good Years: A Biography of Tori Amos

SOLD, to HarperCollins Canada, David Orrell’s Apollo’s Arrow: The Science of Prediction and the Future of Everything