Dale Sherman received international attention in 1997 with the release of Black Diamond, an unauthorized biography on KISS that was praised by fans and band associates alike.   Dale continued his interest in KISS the following year with Black Diamond 2, a reference book on the albums, books, tours and merchandise produced over the years.

Beyond KISS, Dale has written books on a variety of musical topics, such as women in rock, rock and roll urban legends and a comprehensive study of Alice Cooper’s career entitled The Illustrated Collector’s Guide to Alice Cooper.  In 2009 he updated/expanded both the Cooper book and Black Diamond to bring them up-to-date, adding more than 250 pages of text to the titles.

Dale is currently working on a new book detailing the many oddball facts, stories and hardcore trivia about KISS for Backbeat Books, a Hal Leonard Publication imprint.  He has a MBA from the University of Louisville and lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, daughter and too many household pets.

New Works

Black Diamond 2

You know the stories, now look at the evidence.....After disclosing the true history of KISS in Black Diamond, Dale Sherman presents the evidence that made the band famous, their music and their visual extravaganzas. Complete discographies for the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia are featured, with extensive details for each listing. Packed with more than 300 photos, Black Diamond 2 is the one reference guide KISS fans won't want to be without....



Urban Legends of Rock & Roll: You Never Can Tell

Have you heard the news?

Everyone else has!

The stories about your favorite rock and rollers and what the crazy, impossible things that they've done. And you know they must be true, because a friend of a friend saw it happen! Or, rather a friend of a nephew of a hairdresser of an Internet spy of a friend of the rock star's third cousin saw it happen. Anyway, you know these stories just HAVE to be true:

  • The King who faked his death and is now working as a truck driver.
  • The rock artist who had a couple of ribs removed to make himself more "flexible."
  • The pop singer who cried when seeing starving children on television because she would "love to be as skinny as that."
  • The "Gross-Out" competition between two superstars of the 1970s.
  • The infinite number of performers who are trying to convert teenagers into Satanism.
  • The band that found new uses for a stuffed mudshark.
  • And many, many more!

And, they're all true!

Or, are they?

You Never Can Tell covers the gauntlet of great rock and roll myths. From the tales that are just peculiar to legends so outlandish they can hardly be believed. From the stories made up for publicity, to stories invented to destroy a performer's career. From the beginning of rock and roll, up to the present and beyond.

You Never Can Tell is packed with incredible stories about fame, music, money, sex, conspiracies, death, and everything in between! Which are true? Which are false?

One thing is for sure - You Never Can Tell!